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    I've got a trial version of CHapura's KeySuite (for syncing with MS Outlook and retaining more details than default palm date/contact/task/notes apps). So far I like it fine. Question is: does it play well with the T600? Do you lose the Favorites functionality? Any T600 owners (lucky, you!!) have KeySuite experience? Are there better options out there?

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    Just remember that KeySuite ends up creating a separate database than the built-in Palm databases. So - the impact of that is that all the interaction btw the phone side of the device and the Palm side of the device is lost. In other words, you'll have a built-in Palm database of contacts and phone #s, etc, which the phone side of the 600 is programmed to look for, and then your set of contacts and stuff that is syncing over to Outlook.
    that issue kept me away from KeySuite (and Beyond Contacts, from Dataviz).

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