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    Anyone know a way to use an MP3 file as a ringer?

    Is there a built in way to add ringers aside from purchasing them and downloading them from sprint?
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    I don't have a 600 yet, but after looking at the HS website under ringtones, they give the impression that you can download any MIDI ringtone from the Internet and it will be put into your ringtone selection for use. Somebody else look at the info on this link and see if they see this too HS MIDI
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    being able to use any midi is cool, but it'd be great to have an mp3 instead...
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    I put a couple of MIDI on a website of mine and then ran the emulator. When I clicked on the MIDI it asked me if I wanted to download, I told it yes, and it downloaded to the phone. It then brought up the Manage sounds function that and showed it as a sound that could be used. Unfortuenately I was never able to get sound on the emulator to work.

    I think that to get an MP3 ringtone to work you will need some sort of hack utility that is yet to be developed. I can deal with the MIDI when I get my phone as I turned a MIDI into a ringtone for my Sanyo 5300 and want the same one, but and MP3 would be very cool.
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    It seems like it should be easy. I know there is a difference between the phone side of the Treo and the PDA side (and they don't always talk to each other), but if you can havea picture load based on the caller ID, why can't it launch an MP3 based on the call (or even specific to the caller)?

    Hopefully somebody will see the value in that and start programming!
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    I tried to preview some of the ringers on Treocentral and the links work but no sound came through the device. I wonder why?
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    Could be because they are in a specific format that is for the 300. I think the 600 uses a different format. Try downloading a .mid file and see if that works.
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    Should be able to receive an MP3 altered to I think it's QCP format. I did this for my wife's and my friend's phones (Sanyo 5300 and N400 or is it A400, respectivley.)

    Do a search for a program called Audacity, which is an excellent sound editing program for this purpose. Very easy to use. There's an additional file you need to downoad for the program to work. You open your MP3 in this program, cut it down to what you need and then I believe export it in WAV format.

    Then, you need to use a program which is part of Efax (as I recall. Yeah I know, weird.) This program will convert the file from
    wav to qcp, I believe. Then you upload the file to one of the freefile websites for cell phones and retrieve it on your phoe from the site. The sites explain how to do this. The file will wind up in your dowloads folder, where you can assign it as a ringer.

    I know, a hell-of-a-lot of work, and mabe The 600 is capable of using MP3's as a ringer without all this, but if not, I know this works. My friend loves his Doors "Hello, I love you" ringer, and my wife's got that old song "Call me, don't be afraid to just call me" on her 5300!

    Now if I could only get a 600
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    first off, .qcp files are for phones that use Qualcomm internals. My Sanyo 8100 used .qcp files for polyphonic. The Treo 600 doesn't have Qualcomm audio components (as far as I know). The cool thing Qualcomm provided was a simple drop utility that as long as you converted your sound file (be it a .mp3 file or whatever) to a 8-bit mono .wav file, all you had to do was drop it onto the converter icon and it would produce a .qcp file. I did tons of these for my 8100 and they sounded awesome. We need something like this utility for treo 600, dam*it. I hope there's one out there. There should at least be one in the SDK developer's kit.

    *btw-midi ringtones suck dogs-
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    Well, it went pretty much as described, and my friend's Vision phone plays the ACTUAL Doors song "Hello, I Love You" (not a midi or polyphonic), but only the first two lines since I edited it down. And my wife's Sanyo 5300 plays the ACTUAL Chris Montez song "Call Me, Don't be afraid to just call me," again edited to about two lines. No problems using ringer hosting sites to upoad files to and then download onto phone. The ringers reside in Downloads folder and are then assigned as you wish. It works!

    If people are really interested, I can check my exact procedure and write a step-by-step here. Let me know!
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    Please do! The possibilities for this are endless.... How about a qcp/converted wav of Ahhhhnold as your ringer? (I'll be baaaaack!!!!) Or maybe your spouse saying, "Answer the @$^()*^$@#%^$#@$% phone, you ^^%#@%&*(*(^$#$!!!!"

    Or in my case, "Hello Dalai!" (You don't know how long I've been waiting to use that one!)

    UH OH, Mrs. Lama saw this!
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    The following was stated about QCP files on (a site for ringtones, etc.):

    "Good evening all,

    I am please to say after rigorous testing today, the new Handspring 600 has passed the 3gWiz tests and herby gets our seal of approval. I am pleased to welcome all the owners of this beautiful device to the site. It is clear as the Vision services from SprintPCS mature, so do the devices. We will have a full review of this unit shortly, but rest assured it is fully compatible with 3gWiz.

    Due to limitations of the operating system on the device, QCP files are not supported. So when downloading ringers, be sure to use the ringers with the musical note next to them."
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    Oh well, nice idea. I take it the ringtones with "notes" are midi's....
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    If anyone does write this utility, they should include the ability to quickly switch to a 'professional' profile.

    If you are at work you get the standard business like ringtones.

    When you are partying you can switch to the mp3s!
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    This is a great thread that deserves to be bumped! I also have a Sanyo 8100 and put tons of mp3's on it. I would LOVE to be able to have this functionality on the T600!

    Lets figure out how to do this -- I want to hear my SU Orangemen fight song on my T600!
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    someone please make a system hack or something. I'm having .qcp withdrawals (this means being able to convert "any" sound file into a ringer).

    My last post was wrong. I mistated .qcp as polyphonic but polyphonic is just another midi name. My bad.

    So anyone out there including Handspring / Palm, please correct this deficiency in an otherwise flawless phone. I'm so tired of midi's it's ridiculouis. They're alright but eventually they become a limited sound type for ringers (considering it's synthetic sound, not real sound).
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    I'd suggest filling this feedback page to handspring. I just found it and realized we should all do this if we want something changed.

    If you want something similar to an .mp3 or .qcp ringer phone, just suggest it to them.
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    Does anyone know how to get to the sound manager that pops up when downloading a midi sound, with out downloading a midi sound. I can not find that utility.
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    Go to phone/options/sound preferences/tones/manage...
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    Don't know if this applies to the guys with Sprint Treo's but the GSM T600 uspports MMS (picture messaging) like most GSM handsets of late. The standard of audio for MMS is "MFF." Seeing as the GSM treo supports the format i'd imagine MMF ringtones would be no problem. There are also plenty of freeware WAV -> MMF convertors online.

    I'll have a try if I get time tomorrow, have a look see if the CDMA versions support it too; might be the answer to your questions!
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