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    Just got an email from Handspring saying that "My Treo handheld is currently on backorder."

    Did I just happen to miss the boat, or is this S.O.P.?
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    I got the same thing after ordering at 9AM EST. Called HS and was told that that they sold everything on-hand yesterday and that anyone ordering today should have their order go out at the beginning of next week.
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    Does this make this the greatest launch of a new phone ever? Manufacturer is out of stock in less than 3 days....
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    We still got a couple of hundred in stock

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    I ordered one yesterday around 11:15pm EST via's Upgrade Program. I haven't gotten the back order email, so it looks like they sold out sometime last night or early this morning before 9am EST. I wonder how many they sold?! We may find out on the Investors conference call today at 5pm EST. - Justin
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    Too funny. I ordered yesterday from TreoCentral and I got it today. I guess HS just can't keep their own product in stock, gee I wonder why?

    If you want it and you gotta have it buy it now at TreoCentral. Support those who support us Treophites.
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    I would love to support your site. Got off the phone w/Sprint and they said you will be able to buy a 600 at the new activation price if you are an existing customer beginning Oct 15 (in stores as well).

    Will this apply to you guys as well? Since I haven't ordered yet, I could hold off a few days & support you guys.

    PM if you get any info ... I want mine first!

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