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    My company (large NY investment bank) uses Blackberry service for all the senior ppl. Can someone explain to me whether this phone can work off that same blackberry service (ie, I can throw out my blackberry and use the Treo 600 as a phone + blackberry combo). I love the idea of having just one thing to do both, but have no idea about how the two systems work together and whether the Treo 600 can be used as a blackberry with my Company's system. I suppose the email system here is like the email systems of most large corporations (but we use Lotus Notes).

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    Depends on what software is on your server. If you have software from RIM/Blackberry, then it won't work, but if you have software from Goodlink, it can work (it may require an upgrade to your server software).
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    Since all the people here have RIM Blackberry devices, does that imply that the server runs RIM's software? How big a switch is it to the other software?
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    Good's software is awesome. My company uses it, and we're all addicted.

    Also it adds full Outlook functionality to your Treo600 including contacts, calendar, etc... Good started out making software that inhanced the Blackberry, so it's built on similar technology.

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