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    I've finally decided to upgrade! Does anyone know if HS (or T-Mobile) will subsidize part of the cost? Or am I out of luck for not jumping to a Treo 270 first?
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    Your out of luck with a visor phone.
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    So I have a digital link with Sprint, have had it for about a year now, I'm a slow adopter.

    My two year contract is up end of this month and with number portability around the corner I'm hoping to get a good deal from Sprint on a Treo 600 before the end of the year and maybe a new phone with vision service thrown in free for my wife as well.

    Anyway have any suggestions on what kinda deal I should try to strike. I'm still on the old 8pm nights and weekends sharing 500 minutes. Will sprint let me keep that and give me a deal with vision for both phones?

    Anyone have experience with this or advice?

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