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    does anyone know if there's a way to use a standard jpg image (not taken with onboard camera) as the wallpaper replacement for the dial pad? I NEVER use the touchscreen dial pad so i'm glad to see this is an option, but i'd rather use a nice HS logo or something instead of a crappy picture taken with the camera. thanks
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    Don't know good question? Is there a way to add pictures to the wallpaper app?
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    Originally posted by PalmMD
    Don't know good question? Is there a way to add pictures to the wallpaper app?
    The palm desktop will install a picture folder on your desktop computer called "transfer" (Look in C:\Program Files\Handspring\Treo Pictures\'your user name here'\Transfer)From here you can put pictures that you want transferred to your T600. I would resize them to make them smaller so the T600 doesnt have to scale them. You will also save a lot of memory by doing this. Try something like the TweakUI picture resizer. Next place them in the "Transfer" folder. The last step is to start the hotsync between your computer and the T600.

    To enable a picture as wallpaper, just view it on your screen and click menu. You will be given an option to use the image as wallpaper.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you. Where do I find TweakUI?
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    To take this quesiton there a way to make a image with a custom dial pad built into it? I noticed on a picture of a French version of the Treo 600 that is had a different dial pad screen.

    Any suggestions?

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    my bad, i was actually thinking of powertoys for XP. Navigate to this link and download the image resizer. Some very handy tools on this page.
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    Thanks got it.
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    The path to my Treo Picture Transfer folder is:

    C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo Pictures\your_user_name\Transfer

    I hope this helps.
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    If you go to and choose the option for wallpaper, there are a few HS logo's that are pretty good. You can access this site directly from your T600 and download directly to your phone.

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