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    I just ordered mine today (10/22). From these posts it looks like it will ship next week at the earliest. Here's hoping for a happy Halloween!

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    Ordered mines yesterday (Oct. 22nd)... Now begins the dreaded wait.
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    Ordered mine around 5pm on 10/17...hasn't budged yet from "Order Received." They did say to allow up to one week, which would be tomorrow...but I was kinda hoping they would beat that. Oh well, a week is what I signed up for, and it's looking like that's what I'll get (seems like it probably won't get out before tomorrow, though you never know).
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    Yep - I'm in the same boat. Ordered this morning, will probably have to wait a full week. I'm going through withdrawal and I haven't even gotten the dang thing yet
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    Exactly - good way of putting it!
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    I ordered mine on 10/16 with FedEx overnight shipping and received it yesterday along with all the accessories I ordered with the exception of the all in one case.
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    I am pretty bummed at this point. I packed up my old 300 last night with all the goodies to mail to the guy who bought in on ebay. Now I have to wait until possibly Friday of next week to have a replacement phone. That is going to really be tough. I thought I had better sell it quickly in order to beat the flood. It is interesting that you can get a brand new Treo 300 for $99 with a service contract and I sold mine for $135. I am pleased with the results of that sale.

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    Originally posted by enagel
    I ordered mine on 10/16 with FedEx overnight shipping and received it yesterday along with all the accessories I ordered with the exception of the all in one case.
    damn. i ordered mine on the 17th with overnite...and still nothing. i got the accessories...but that's it. you'd think i'd get it today....guess not. needs to hurry up. cause i need to return my cellphone that i bought...and the 30days is almost up.
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    I ordered mine on 10/19, and it just switched from "Order Received" to "Credit Card Approved". . . . any idea how long I have to wait til shipment now?

    After my Red Sox blew it, this is all I've had to look forward to!
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    That is a little odd. My 10/20 order just went from Order Received to Order Approved this afternoon as well.

    The other change I noticed to the Order Status page is the "Treo 600 Orders will take 1-2 weeks."

    So maybe we get them by Halloween. T'would seem that there are a lot of us lemmings rushing at this particular cliff.

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    Ordered on the 17th. I got an email this afternoon that status had changed to "Awaiting Shipment" Maybe with the overnight shipping, I will have it tomorrow. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Hannibal, looks like we're in the same position - I too ordered mine on the 17th (5pm EDT) and got an email today saying that my status had now reads "Awaiting Shipment" as well. I'm thinking it will maybe ship today from CA, but more likely tomorrow, meaning I'll get it Saturday if the FedEx overnight comes on Saturdays. Call me conservative, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up that it will come tomorrow.

    -edited to add that my order status page at now has this note at the top:

    Treo 600 orders: Due to high demand, allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.

    This wasn't there before. Hopefully it only refers to the delays I've already experienced, and not 1-2 additional weeks!
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    I had ordered on the evening of the 16th, and just went Shipped Status on the evening of the 22nd. I was in the "Awaiting Shipment" status for a few days.
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    ok.. my order was on the 19th.... my status just changed from order recieved to credit card approved.... so .... now that they have my money.... how much longer??!!?!?!?!


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    Ordered my Treo 600 on Monday checked status every hour on the hour finally just two minutes ago it changed from Ordered Received to Approving Credit Card. I cant wait this is too much waiting they shouldnt do this to people. Its like I am a kid waiting for something I really really want I cant patiently wait for it.
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    i just know...on your order status says..."Treo 600 orders: Due to high demand, allow 1-2 weeks for shipment." so i dont know if that's for everybody...or new orders. but i ordered mine on friday...still waiting. i already got my acc. but not the treo.

    but for y'all....on the credit approval thing...i was only on credit approval for like 1-2 days.
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    I am at approved credit already, took about three hours from "Approving Credit" to "Credit Card Approved"
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    Handspring gets units from Sprint and they have run out. Sprint stores and online warehouse have a few left, but their distribution system is messed up and nobody knows where anything really is.

    There are 1500 units in stock at the main distributor, but Handspring and Sprint cannot get them back because they were already "sold" into that warehouse. The only way to get your hands on those units is through a Sprint BSP reseller (3rd party company approved to resell Sprint devices and service). I just got my unit from and they also offer hosted Exchange and Goodlink software so I can have the best of all worlds for integrated email with wireless sync in an Exchange environment without having to buy and manage an Exchange Server myself.
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    Ordered mine 10/19. It sat in "order recieved" until today (10/23). Now within a matter of a couple of hours time span its gone from "approving credit card," "credit card approved," to "awaiting shipment". I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that it ships today, but it's 9PM eastern time so that would be 6PM on the west coast. Not sure where it ships from. I'm not holding my breath that I will get it tomorrow. I just wish!!!! And then if it ships tomorrow it will be even worse, 'cause I don't think FedEx will deliver it on Saturday, which means a whole weekend of waiting. AAAAAHHHHH!
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    Originally posted by sfreiman

    Arrived in Houston Friday 10/17...but because it is FedEx Saver, the phone will just "sit in a FedEx container" (quote from FedEx customer service) until it will be delivered on Tuesday 10/21.

    The phone is a gift, so I can not complain that it was not shipped overnight

    Oh least it is shorter wait than the time it took the phone to develop from two tin cans and a string into the Treo 600
    Forgot to report in...Treo arrived a day early on Monday 10/20 first thing in the morning. Well worth the wait!

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