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    Well, I think it may hurt my marriage, but I ordered my upgrade today...

    Unfortunately, it says "backordered" the Handspring guy said it was in stock... I'll wait until monday and see what happens.

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    I order on 10/9 at 10am and I was one of those that had different shipping and billing addresses and was a failed order.

    I got a email at 3am this morning that my treo was shipped at noon yesterday. I will get it today. Only a week and a day later.

    Sooo fast!! I am so excited to get home and play with it!! I am such a dork.
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    I ordered mine on tuesday, i got it today.

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    YEE HAW!!!
    I ordered my Treo 600 on 10/13/03 around 6pm. I ordered online w/ my CC and chose std. shipping.
    What I found odd was my Treo made it from Oakland to Chicago in 12 hours. Unless it was airmail, that driver made good time!

    It's now 10/17/03 1:30pm, and my new Treo is charging up.
    I'm doing 1 last hotsynch on my Treo 300 and soon I will join the rest of the mad group of T600 users.
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    I ordered my upgrade on the Handspring website for 399 on Tuesday, 10/14. My CC was approved on Wed 10/15 and that afternoon it was listed as awaiting shipment. It is now Friday 10/17 and still awating shipment. Why is MINE taking so long compared to others who seem to get their instantly?
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    Originally posted by prosecutor26
    I ordered my upgrade on the Handspring website for 399 on Tuesday, 10/14. My CC was approved on Wed 10/15 and that afternoon it was listed as awaiting shipment. It is now Friday 10/17 and still awating shipment. Why is MINE taking so long compared to others who seem to get their instantly?
    Don't even start to didn't order yours a week ago and still haven't received it. Stupid Handspring........
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Well....ordered 10/9 @ 1pm.

    I checked again late last night, and was still stuck at 'awaiting shipment' on the order status, and no email from handspring.

    I checked my email before I left for work this morning, and lo and email from handspring. It seemed they shipped my phone yesterday (Thurs), and I would get it today!! WOOHOO!! I decided to check the online order status just to see what it said, and it still showed 'awaiting shipment'.

    Anyway long story short, I'm sitting at my desk playing with the T600 now. Its worth the wait. After playing with it a bit, I've pretty much forgiven handspring for all the trouble they put me through as far as shipping the d**n thing!!

    One thing that might help to do is to call handspring, and ask them to call the shipping dept and see where your package is. Thats what I did yesterday around 3pm, and maybe it helped my order along. *shrug*

    Good luck all!!
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    Ordered 10/12, arrived this morning!!
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    I for one have a positive experience with Fedex. My 600 shipped yesterday with the postage paid for a 5 day delivery (approx delivery was the 20th). Imagine my surprise this afternoon when Mr Fedex knocked on my door with my new 600
    Im thrilled as I just finished mid-terms and its that wonderful weekend in a CS majors life where you have one of the few study free weekends ahead of you. I actually have time to explore this cool new toy...
    First impressions: I LOVE IT !!!!
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    Hopefully it wont take TOO much longer. I guess I shouldn't complain since I am not activating it until number portability goes into effect anyway . .which raises another question. I managed to buy mine for $399 even though I never owned a Treo before and have never had Sprint before. I bought a serial # for a broken treo 180 for 11 bucks which enabled me to buy my t600 for 399 without signing up for a contract. Does anybody know whether I'll have any trouble signing onto my wife's Sprint plan as a family plan . . even though I didn't buy the phone from Sprint and have never had a contract with Sprint before? Do I just walk into the Sprint store and ask them to activate me after adding my new phone to my wife's plan and asking them to transfer my old cell number to the new phone?
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    Ordered 10/13 and arrived this morning...
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    It's the karma:
    Ordered 10/14 7:30 pm PDT - standart shipping
    Arrived today 10/17 3:00 pm.

    Even after all the anticipation, it looks and feels better than I ever expected.

    Good luck to everyone buying the 600. You won't be disappointed.
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    Ordered 10/15 in early AM.....still A.S.
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    this is posted from my nx
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    Originally posted by JJCarter
    Ordered 10/15 in early AM.....still A.S.
    Ditto - I think I ordered about 45 minutes before JJ here if I remember correctly.
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    JUST received an email from handspring notifying me that my Treo 600 just shipped!! Estimated delivery is 10/22 (I went with super saver shipping since I'm not activatign til 11/24).

    Not too bad . . bought it on 10/14 . . shipped on 10/17. Considering how backed up things have been for them . . seems pretty reasonable
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    i ordered on wednesday the 15th and it shipped today. should be here on monday.
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    Just checked status of my shipment. My baby left FedEx ramp in Chantilly, VA at 1:46 AM. *Arrrrghhhh* I'm only an hour from there give or take and it says projected delivery of Monday. Is this going to be a long weekend or what?
    My Treo: I think I'll keep her. All dressed up for prom and her date Foleo stood her up
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    I was just sitting here at my computer and the email notification light went off. I thought it was yet another sales email from PalmGear, or something of the sort. I'd been getting my hopes up all day today that I'd get the infamous SHIPPED email and decided that there was just no hope.

    Well guess what...

    "We're pleased to let you know that your order has been shipped. We appreciate your business and hope you visit our site again soon to see the latest Handspring products."


    Thing that totally stinks is that I'm going out of town to Chicago and leave Sunday morning. I don't return until Thursday afternoon. The box will just be sitting there waiting for me to open it for 4 days!!!

    I think that's worse than it shipping later.

    I ordered it 10/15 at 7:45am pacific
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    Not only did I get notified of my Treo being shipped the evening of 10/17 after ordering on the afternoon of 10/14 . . but the next morning . . 10/18 . . today . . it had made it all the way to FedEx in upstate NY from Orem Utah the night before. It is on a truck to be delivered as of 7:25am from a fedex ramp about 5 miles away. And I only paid for supersaver shipping - made it Utah to upstate NY in about 12 hours . . not bad at all. Better yet . . its arriving on ym son's 1st birthday . .so we both get presents!

    Of course . . I can't activate until 11/24 . . so it will just be a neat handheld for awhile yet.

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