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    I ordered:
    10/09/2003 10:08:33 AM

    I was in order recieved mode until some time yesterday when I went into fail mode, first i called my credit card company to see if my card bounced (not likely) it didnt. So I had to wait till just now (8am standard) to call HS waited 25min on hold and all I get is a: we dont knwo wat order failed is, it shouldnt effect your order, youll get a confirmation email when it si ready to ship/charge your card. I am getting really worried, I didnt get any of the approving, charging, awaiting shipping orders. and HS CS is of no help, if anybody hears what the deal is with orders placed on the 9th let us now! I know i cant be the only person in this boat.

    The thign that really annoys me is that people who ordered on the 8th at 11pm got thier T600s the next day! thats rediculous! I dont care how many orders u got in the intervening 13 hours (most of which were the middle of the night) you should be able to get the orders out in under a week.


    C:\Rant -OFF

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    Just talked to Chad, x20008 at HS CS. His first 10 out of 11 calls were about this failed order status.

    He checked mine and ALL IS GOOD (famous last words, but I believe him and his lips were moving). The warehouse used a wrong code (affecting many 10/09 and 10/10 orders) and it kicks back a failed order. He said my order is fine and should ship very soon. They are correcting all of these "failed order" and you should expect to see it correct later today or Wed a.m. If you see Authorization Failed, that's bad...must call in. Otherwise, try to be patient...they are swamped.

    I hope this helps!
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    My order changed to failed order this am. I am on hold with HS. I am worried about teh "it is fine" message that others have gotten. I noticed that the option to cancel the order is gone. That would seem to imply that the order was dead in the water. I am starting to get a little pissed at HS. It is one thing to not expect volume but this is crazy.
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    Order Date:
    10/10/2003 04:30 Pm

    Order Status:
    Awaiting Shipment

    Hopefully I get my phone by at least wed or thursday. Cuse as soon as I ordered the phone I cracked the screen on my samsung n400. Ive been having badd luck with phones lost an sanyo 8100, broke the n400 and now awaiting my treo 600. I guess I should get the insurance.
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    Got mine last night. It rocks.
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    All this drama is almost making me want to go to the Sprint Store and pay extra to save myself from the HS fiasco.
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    Yes...the Treo600 is a wonderful new "toy". But please be alittle patient with HS. THey probably didn;t think that the 600 would do this well. Reading from another thread, the "failed" message was cause d by something internal at HS...and not necessarily an actual failed order. best thing is to call them.....but please show alittle mercy. This site (TreoCentral ) and the people that visit it are but a small portion of a much larger group that don't visit here ...but ordered the 600. I am sure that HS is doing the best they can. I know for one that a few Sprint stores in my area have run out of their stock are are awaiting their new shipment like many of you are. Yes...I got mine the day they became available at HS for 399. But having worked for another cell phone comany building actual phones, doing a rush job is not going to keep the quality high. Be will have your "toy". And when you do get will be well worth the wait!!!!


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    If your order says failed don't be alarmed. Least not yet.

    Check this thread
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    what the h____? failed order? what does that mean???
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    Did you read the thread ???????

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    Ordered 10/10/03 6:00 pm EST

    Status: "Awaiting Shipment"

    (I have no idea what this means, exactly, in terms of actual delivery date...)

    Lexar JumpDrive and SanDisk 256 card standing by...
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    Just checked order status. It is now at Credit card approved after being in "order failed" earlier this morning.

    Ordered 10/9 at 6:45pm.
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    Igo, I hadn't at first; first I panicked. :0. Now I'm informed (sorta) and calm, and back to normal (sorta). Thanks
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    Glad to hear the mean time.......start looking for accessories!!!

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    Looks like Handspring shipped a lot out last night from Utah. They delivered mine to Fedex at 7:45pm and it arrived in Denver this morning 10/14 and I ordered it on Friday morning 10/10.

    Too bad I have a day job, I should be sitting on my porch waiting to hug the Fedex guy!!!
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    Glad to hear! I ordered mine on Thursday evening and still hasn't shipped!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by geggyta516
    Just checked order status. It is now at Credit card approved after being in "order failed" earlier this morning.

    Ordered 10/9 at 6:45pm.
    Things looking better now!

    Failed order to Credit Card Approved. Ordered via phone 10/09 5pm.
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    Placed my order at 2:38pm on 10/9 and just got my shipping confirmation email. Order status online hasn't yet changed. Don't have a tracking number... yet.

    A couple of interesting notes:
    - Handspring has a press release on their home page announcing "Handspring Delivers Treo 600 To Sprint Customers Nationwide" Gotta figure that they've got better control of their inventory/shipping if they're willing to put out this press release.
    - The warning that high demand may delay orders by a week only appears on the last page of the ordering process. I had thought it was in other places as well. If they took that down, also good news.
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    YEAH!!!! I'm on "Credit Card Approved"

    It's sad...we're all sitting here biting our nails and being all excited when the next stage hits....LOL.


    p.s. My wife thinks that I've finally gone over the edge.
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    Does anyone understand why Handspring seems to be shipping these things out of order? I'm seeing posts from people who ordered on 10/10 and have shipment confirmation, while many who ordered earlier are still awaiting shipment.

    Ordered 9/9 (overnight shipping) at 9:30 am
    Status: Credit Card approved

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