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    Unless I can either sell my serial number for $150, or sell a Treo 600 for $550 (and neither looks likely with the flood of people selling SNs for $50), I guess I'm going to have to do the activation shuffle. I just ordered a Sprint return kit and will order a Handspring phone tonight.

    I got off the phone with Sprint. My conversation went like this:

    Me: Isn't there some way I could just get the discount through you or through Handspring? That would be better for all of us, me, Sprint, Handspring.
    Him: No, sorry.

    Me: Can I return the phone to my local Sprint store?
    Him: No, sorry.

    Me: Do I get the refund when I mail the phone, or after you receive it?
    Him: After we receive it.

    Me: How do I get the refund?
    Him: It'll be credited to your account. (!!)

    Me: Uh, can I get it credited to my card?
    Him: No. But after it's credited to your account, you can talk to the Refunds Department about getting a check.

    So, this is what I have to do:

    - switch activation
    - mail my "old" (three-day-old) phone back to Sprint
    - wait till they get it, then wait for my account to be credited
    - call and ask for a check
    - wait for the check to arrive
    - deposit it, wait for it to clear

    Is this worth $200? I guess, but just barely. What a hassle, and it could be so much easier:

    - why can't Sprint and Handspring figure out a way to give me (and people in my situation) the discount without having to send handsets all around the country? Giving them ESNs should be good enough. I'd be satisfied with $200 credited to my account.
    - why can't I drop the phone off at the Sprint store, let them verify it, and then have Sprint credit my card immediately?
    - failing that, why can't they just credit my card immediately when they receive the handset back?

    This isn't meant as Sprint-bashing. My customer service experiences with Sprint have generally been okay. This is an unusual situation, I realize that. And I am partly irritated at Handspring for giving rebates for those who buy directly from them - why do they care who I buy the handset from as long as I buy it?

    A little better planning or use of technology would make this far more pleasant.
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    I think that only HS is offering this because they truely care about customer loyalty, where as Sprint sells a bunch of phones by different manufacturers and only wants loyalty to them and not to a phone. Sprint doesn't even seem like it wants customer loyalty after all the BS that I have gone through for this Treo.
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    That or a little patience on all of our parts...

    I realize it's a hassle for you, but I doubt Sprint loves all the returns they have to deal with either.
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    Well, part of my point is, they wouldn't have to deal with an exchange if they were a little slicker about this.

    And, yes, I could have waited an extra week and it wouldn't have been an issue.
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    Placed a sprint order thru telesales yesterday. Called back today to check, yes it looks like I tried to place an order but no it didn't happen. I knew my Treo 180 would be worth something someday so I called HS and within about 2 minutes, with no wait I had placed my order and saved $50. Guess I'll see if it actually arrives.

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    I too placed an order with Telesales, which they apparently lost. After I saw the Handspring upgrade offer, I called Sprint again to confirm they had not found, told them to note in my account I wanted to cancel any order they MIGHT find, and ordered from Handspring...
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    Don't be too quick to return your Sprint phone. My friend just ordered a 600 from Handspring 5 minutes ago and received an email saying the units are on backorder. No timeframe as to when they will be available for shipping.

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