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    Does anyone know if JOT or any handwriting recognition software works on the T600 without conflicts. THANKS!!!
    My T600 is on it's way and I really would like to be able to use grafitti ....

    In fact, here's a question: Doesn't anyone agree that once you pull out the stylus to tap the screen, it's easier to enter text with grafitti (as you have a pen in your hand and you can't do the two-thumbed keyboard thing).
    I think it's silly not to include Grafitti2 as a option. Still, I look forward to gettin' me phone!

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    I installed JotComplete on my Treo600 yesterday. So far its working just as well as it did on my old Treo300.

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    Allows you to write anywhere on the screen and it's FREE!!!
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    Jot seems to work although the recognition doesn't seem to be as good as on the 300 for whatever reason.

    Word Complete DOES NOT work on the don't buy it.
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    You may have forgotten to go back into Word Complete and enable it. I use Jot with Word Complete on my Treo 600 and it works every bit as well as it did on my Treo 300.

    The only thing I had to do was re-add several of my custom words to the Word Complete dictionary.

    I would encourage anyone to buy both Jot and Word Complete if you want to use graffiti

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    No, I had it installed (version 3.03) and had it enabled. Whenever I used the keyboard with it enabled I would get the character twice.

    I think I then read somewhere about others with the 600 having that problem. I disabled the application and the problem went away.

    It was a clean install.

    I would be happy to hear if others are using Word Complete without a problem and I'd give it another try.

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    Here's the response I just got from CIC tech support...

    The Graffiti 2 option does not work with the Treo 600 at the moment.

    WordComplete does not support the Treo 600 device at the moment. Please be patient while we work on support for this.

    Hanh Le
    Technical Support
    Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC)
    Tel: (650) 802-7741
    Fax: (650) 802-7777

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