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    I got to jump on this bandwagon. I have a serial to sell. 40 bux. email me.
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    Guess I might as well too. $50 for Treo 300 serial. PM me if interested.
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    I have one as well, its yours for $40

    paypal welcome

    PM me
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    Free serial numbers. dont pay anybody for them. Just enter "FGFEDxxxxxxxM" and put in any number for each x. Then you can buy the Treo 600 for $399
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    i have 2 serials as well if anyone wishes to buy. $40 obo. PM me. (Paypal)
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    I just bought 2 with random serial numbers...I guess I don't have a conscious.
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    You realize what people are doing now, those smart but evil bastards!!

    They have taken the generic serial #'s and put in random changes and they are selling the randomly created SN on e-bay, I've seen several selling for $5 in the past few days, that adds up!

    Good scam, I must admit...
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    PM me, I'll let go of it for $40....
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    I am interested in getting the Treo 600 GSM version.

    Now that its' available for pre-order with Cingular as first U.S. GSM carrier, I'm looking for a Treo 300 S/N to get the Treo 600 upgrade discount when T-Mobile is officially on-board. Any takers -- please send me PM to make arrangements via Paypal.
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    My local CompUSA has a live treo 300 on display. With a real serial number. Your mileage may vary.

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    People are selling their serials for $10-20 on ebay. I have no idea if they are real or computer generated.

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