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    does anyone know if HS still has a stock of 600s? im considering returning the one I got from sprint on day one and getting a new one from HS for the $200 off. any ideas?
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    Like Nike says ... just do it.
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    I did.
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    if you did return it, how so? did you take it back to a sprint store? i'm hoping they credit my cc right away so I can turn around and order overnight from HS and have it tomorrow
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    I just ordered the 600 and the stereo adapter from HS on the net. The confirmation e-mail that I received said that the item was backordered. I am waiting to speek to HS on the phone as I write this to find out what is going on. I don't wan't the stereo adapter to delay the phone so I hope it is just this and I can cancel that part of the order. I have to use HS now since I used a 300 SN to get it at $399. Will post back when I have either confirmed or denied that they are on backorder, and if backordered when they expect to have more.

    I would hope that the manufacturer would be able to get backorders resolved quickly if this is in fact the case.

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