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    Both the french Handspring and Orange sites have been updated today saying it's available. However, the Buy link takes you the Orange Boutique where the phone doesn't even exist.

    I called the Orange Boutique support line and the lady told me that it's only available from shops today and will become available through the Boutique later.

    Then I called France Telecom to check if they had any information about which shops would have received stock today. She confirmed that it is in their system today but she couldn't help me any better.

    So I'll use my lunch time to check a few Orange shops...
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    Took me a few hours but finally found an Orange shop that wasn't sold out yet (if anyone is interested, the shop at Victor Hugo still had 2 left).

    Happy happy happy!

    Some observations that may be of interest:

    * 32MB SD card included, brand is Hitachi
    * though I bought an AZERTY version (no choice here in France) I've set it to use English and no problems so far
    * like the 270, the power adapter is a standard US plug with the european continental and UK plugs as snap-ons. Both are included.
    * i took the plunge and used my existing 270 user profile. The installer upgraded the Palm Desktop software and then scanned for non-supported apps. It filtered out a bunch but I've already noticed one that it installed but doesn't work: Chatter (as expected)
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    Congrats Mol!!
    Mmmm, a GSM Treo 600.

    With all of the rumors of possible GSM T600 problems, have you encountered any yet?

    Any possibility of posting pics of your GSM version?


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