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    Can someone PLEASE tell me where on the Handspring site we are to enter the serial number to get the discounts and rebates. Someone said there is a link on the main page but there is no link and every time i try to order, it comes out full price. I am just trying to order the T600 without going through the trouble of calling them.
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    Use the "Special Offers" link on the main page and then click on the 600.
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    GO to Handspring's site ( ) will see the Treo 600 at the top of the page. Right under that you will see "special offers"..the treo 300 on the left...the treo 600 to the right of it. Click on the Treo 600 square. That will take you to where place your serial number in for the lower price.

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    There may be a problem on my end somewhere but there's actually nothing in the special offers section. No Treo pics, no links, nothing to click onto. Oh well....
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    Here is the link on the Handspring site. If you cannot see it then you must have a browser problem.


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