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    I know this is going to sound like a software question, but its more about the handset...I promise. (please don't move it, it may never get answered!!!)

    Has any tried playing those great sega classics on the Treo600 yet? I am particularly interested in the Sonic the Hedghog one becuase I was good at that. When I tried with the simulator it wouldnt work becuase of the ARM emulation, but it would be good to know if it works on the real deal. The thing that I am not sure about is the screen res.

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    Where might I find this emulator that I keep hearing about?

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    Originally posted by chazglenn3
    Where might I find this emulator that I keep hearing about?
    Go to sign up as a developer, and you can access there development portal and download it from there.

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    To answer your question no.. it does not work, nor does rayman.. bummer..
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    Originally posted by zone97
    To answer your question no.. it does not work, nor does rayman.. bummer..

    That would have been sooooo cool, playing Sonic on the train on the way home. I have done my best not to complain about the screen, but my guess is that the res is the bottle neck here. I know it a tool not a toy, but it would have been cool thats all. I will have to play that mars needs cows game instead. :P
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    I don't think that its the Treo cant handle the graphics... but more of a licensing thing between Palm and Sega. Its probably just programmed currently to only run on those several Palm devices from what I've read.
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    Rayman does work.. there is a new version form them that supports palm 5. The sound drops out most of the time, but it's still fun.....
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    Doesn't the game gear emulator from Kalemsoft allow you to play sonic?
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    Gizmo (GameGear emulator) *does* allow you to play Sonic. In fact, Gizmo looks *great* running on the Treo. But, just be sure that you get the "basic" Treo version of Gizmo. The "ultra" version doesn't support the 5-way pad or the screen very well.

    In terms of Sonic games, I must say that Sonic and Tails (which is basically the sequel to the first Sonic on GameGear) runs MUCH better than the first Sonic on Gizmo (and the first Sonic runs really well). Sonic and Tails runs perfectly smooth and looks unbelieveable.

    I'm still in the midst of testing games, but Phantasy Star also works, which is a awesome RPG. Some games works, some games don't. But the majority thus far - run without problem.

    The only games that don't work that I really wanted to work, is both of the Shining Force games.

    Gizmo is WELL worth the $14.
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    One of my favorite games on the GG was Space Harrier. Has anyone tried it, and how does it play?

    I really loved that game. Also like RPG's but cannot remember the names of any to save my life.

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