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    Anybody figure out how to copy the Treo 300 Blazer bookmarks onto the Treo 600? I know there's technically no "Blazer" app any more, but the bookmark page looks nearly identical. I spent gobs of time customizing those bookmarks, and I'm sure there's a simple way to get them onto the 600 without retyping (although I admittedly need practice on the new keyboard).
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    Okay...I, too had a lot of bookmarks from Blazer 2. Hopefully you backed up your previous PDB's from the TREO 300 right?

    So in your T300 backup file, find BLBookmark.pdb and MAKE A COPY OF IT for safekeeping...something without a pdb extension.

    Go in your T600 backup directory (c:\Program Files\Handspring\yourusername\backup) and MAKE A COPY OF Bookmarks.pdb (or just rename the original so it is NOT overwritten.

    Take the BLBookmark.pdb from the T300 backup and rename it to Bookmarks.pdb.

    Double-click on the file to load the new Bookmarks.pdb file into the Palm Installer tool.

    Sync the T600 and...

    VOILA! -- Welcome back, old bookmarks!

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    Thanks. Exactly what I needed.
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    That's great!!

    Can you do the same thing with your speed dials?


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    You should.
    Go into your back up folder a look for a file called "phonedialDB" these are where your speed dial entry are.
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    As a test I tried beaming BLbookmarks.pdb over to my T600. Beamed over and instantly the old bookmarks appeared exactly as they were. Did not need to rename the file.

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