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    I called on Monday and ordered by Treo600. Called back on Tuesday to get a tracking number and they said they did not have my order...that an order was apparently never placed (the whole paper order thing mentioned in previous threads). They told me to place another order since the original order wasn't there. I got the phone today.

    Got service all activated and everything working great. Service is cut off by 7PM because my account limit had been exceeded. Turns out that the original order on Monday had gone just wasn't noted in my account. The phone I have now was charged on my credit card but the other phone was debited to my account. I've actually got a second treo on the way that will be here tomorrow.

    The only saving grace is speaking with the sprint rep this evening and getting things straightened out. She was a pleasure to deal with and is sending a return kit out. They credited my account temporarily so that my service can be restored until I get the phone i'm receiving tomorrow, returned.

    From reading the earlier threads, I anticipate this is going to happen to a few other members so I figured I would warn you.

    good luck,
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    Was your first order a paper order? Or did the rep make you think it went through. Think the same thing happened to me...
    oh well. Hope the return policy is good.

    I just want a that too much to ask?
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    I was lead to believe that it was not a paper order. The rep made me think that it went through immediately and that the phone was enroute. I now believe it must have been a paper order since there was no note of the transaction in my account notes - or so the rep says.

    It truly is amazing the different impressions you get of SprintPCS as a business by the different reps you talk to.

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    Crapola. I must have gotten the same thing, although the rep I ordered from the second time, said he looked for any outstanding paper orders. I guess I'll see. Things aren't looking good though. There is a $500+ charge on my sprint bill when I look at it online.

    Isn't it bad business to lie to the customer? Oh well. Still have one on the way, maybe I'll save it to put on ebay when the first lots are sold out...
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    Was it your phone service that got shut off, or just the vision part? My vision stopped working, but everything else is just fine.
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    I noticed my vision first and then discovered my phone service was shut off as well. Everytime I tried to dial out, I would be redirected to a horrible "pay your bill" phone message and then several voice prompts for credit card info to pay it the bill. Worse part was that I even tried dialing *2 to speak to someone and I still got directed to that "pay your bill" prompt. It wouldn't even tell me how much I owed. I guess that the total was over 600 so that is why the cut the service. I believe that is their cut off, 600 bucks.


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