I'm new to this Palm PDA syncing business and am having problems getting it do do what I want.

1.) I want to be able to manage my contacts, task lists, to-dos and such from the Palm Desktop as my personal stuff but have it grab my Calendar from Outlook so I get my business meetings and such from there.
So, when I installed the software it asked me to sync with Palm Desktop or with Outlook, so I choose outlook figuring I need to have the special outlook conduit installed. IS there anyway to make it pull the other info from Desktop since I see no options anywhere in the config software to do this? It acts like it either will do do all palm or outlook.

2.) Also second basic question in regards to the Outlook/General Sync function. IF I syncronize the PC and Treo, and delete an item from my PC or Treo will it just copy it back over when it re-syncs? Or does it know I deleted the item once on one of the platforms or will it re-dupe so I have to delete it in both places individually before syncing again to get the item out? I don't want to have to only update my calendar in once place using a one way sync to keep things straight, kinda defeats the point of going mobile.....yeah basic n00b stuff but my first time in this game ;/