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    Go get 'em folks... I just ordered mine! $399 as part of an upgrade from my 300.

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    There are about half a dozen threads about this same topic.

    I already have one from Sprint, but am going to order one from HS and send the Sprint one back after the one from HS arrives ... shame that they can't just give me the discount. It would be better for all three parties.
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    Thanks, just ordered mine w/stereo plug. Looks like handspring is far more interested in good customer relations than Sprint.

    PS: Since I waited till today to order do I have to return my early adopter badge?
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    Heh, nope, first week counts. Although I am guessing that I was one of the first 200 people in the world to receive one of these phones through commercial (i.e. not for reviews or testing) channels, so nya!

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