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    All -

    Use the link on the Treo 600 Installation CD (now working) to register your Treo and you will be able to download the full free version of Pocket Tunes!!!!

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    I registered but there was no download available. A message stated that I would receive an e-mail within 48 hours to find out how to download the software.

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    Bill Petro
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    Got my email instantly with link.
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    Is it regular pocket tunes, or pocket tunes deluxe?
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    It is Basic Version 2.0.4, but we will get all 2.x updates free
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    I emailed them to see about upgrade costs to premium. Can it be run from the SD card, do we need to copy it and delete main version or just send it directly to the SD Card?

    Also there is no free lifetime updates?
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    I tried registering twice and got the 48 hr message. Have not received a link on either yet.
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    You can upgrade to the deluxe version on their site for $9.95 by going to PocketTunes site. May be very worthwhile for some extra features.

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