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    I have a bit of a dilemma here. I currently have a Sprint Treo 600. I really like the device. I also currently have T-Mobile service that I will cancel if I decide to stick with Sprint.

    The killer app for this device is the Good software. There is a downside here, though -- especially on the CDMA version. Good is in constant contact with the data network to enable real-time OTA sync with the MS Exchange server.

    As far as I know, you cannot receive a call while using data on the Sprint/CDMA version. Considering that the Good software will be using data a lot, this seems to be a major problem. Although T-Mobile/GPRS is slower, it does not have this (severe) limitation.

    I am wondering if I should return this and wait for the T-Mobile version...? Any thoughts?
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    Have you been able to use Good on the Treo 600 yet? I have been hoping to try it myself, to see how the performance is (whether it takes a long time to sync, therefore tying up the phone for long periods?)
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    Nope, not yet. I was told that the software will be available on Monday.

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