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    Go to handspring's site. Treo 600 for $399!

    This is only available for Sprint - but the site says that you can get it with other providers soon. Best part - all you do is enter your serial number and then sign up for it through your cart.



    If you're a Treo 180, 270 or 300 owner, we'd like to thank you for being a loyal customer by offering you a special discount on our hot new Treo 600. For a limited time, you'll get the coolest new smartphone on the market for only $399—even if you want to keep your existing phone number and plan.
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    Please dont clutter the board with old news. You're 4 hours and 100 posts late.
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    Old news.
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    sorry...mods please delete post.
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    I think the admin's need to have 2 600 forums. one for beginners and one for power users.
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    Yeah, this is really great.

    Combine this with the rave reviews, and you've got a pretty good deal.

    BUT, when you combine this with being able to ebay your old Treo (i figure 100 bucks), and whatever discount you can get by resigning a contract AFTER number portability in November, and you've got yourself a FANTASTIC deal!

    I'l be getting mine next week

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