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    Just ordered my Sprint Treo 600 from Handspring right off their website. I entered my Treo 300 serial number and got it for $399.
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    Yep, adding to the thread number, eh? Please search next time. These phones went on sale at Handspring around 5pm. There have been many threads since.
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    I just ordered one too for a mere $399. I just want to let everyone know that they should call in and order one so that the nice people who answer the phones and take our orders can get commission for this. I asked if there were on commission when I called in and they said yes, so I was sure to order right then and there to support these great people. And also when you're done ordering they'll transfer you to an evaluation team who will ask what you like and what you don't like about the new T600. This will mean that then new Treo that comes out will incorperate more features that we want in the future.

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