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    hello everybody !

    i've posted this question twice already in two different forums but no answer so far...

    considering i might not be the only one to worry about the 160x160 screen rez i just started this thread so we can gather opinions together.

    the question is:
    how does the screen resolution perform running graphic apps ?

    i'm going to run some astrology soft and other geeky graph software on the TREO 600; i would greately appreciate all your feedback.

    do you run graph soft yourself already ?
    which apps ?
    how do they look ?
    can you join screenshots ?

    THANKS to you all lucky owners for your patience and kindness towards all of us still wondering in the dark towards the light you shine at the end of the tunnel.
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    hello again !

    ...thought to bump this thread since a week is gone and some among you might have some useful insight for the rest of us...

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    Well it does come with Zap 2016 and its a full arcade game with graphics. The graphics to me look pretty good since it is 160x160 so I would say give it a shot.
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    I agree with PalmMD. The game it comes with looks awesome. Very good graphics even with the fast game speed. It's hard to tell this is only a 160 screen. It looks so good!

    Oh, and just wait till you play music through the speaker. I'm amazed with how good it sounds through that tiny thing.

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