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    HS has a kit for the GSM version but say the Sprint 600 car kit is expected April 2004!! ?? Does any know of another company/companies that will likely offer a Sprint 600 car kit way before April 2004?

  2. #2 has Treo 600 car kit available.
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    Thanks.. I bought this car kit and love it!
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    I just got off of the phone with the makers of the car kit (THB) and here is whats going on. There is no incompatability issue with the phone or car kit hardware. The GSM and CDMA car kit is the same hardware. The issue is the little app that you can doanload from the Handspring site that activates the DSP chip in the phone for echo suppression. The CDMA version is being held up from distribution from Sprint because insist that it be included in some sort of update they plan to release in April. I find this unacceptable, especially since it's a control issue at Sprint.
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    so its ok to buy the kit but echo supression software might not work?

    has anyone actually tried this (i.e car kit with downloaded software)

    seems like it would be worth the risk
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    I've installed the kit and echo suppression will not work. I had to install tha GSM version of the Car Kit App for it to even function correctly in the cradle though.
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    so does the kit work ok even without echo supression?

    I found a online store thats selling the car kist for 119

    on a related but different note would it be possible to use an output other than the supplieds speaker - I woudl like to pipe the output direct to my car speakers - this way I can play MP3 and when a call comes in flip to phone mode
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    It works OK from your perspective. The person on the other end gets their conversation right back at them. As far as modifying the unit to play MP3's thru the car stereo. It could probably be done at the base unit.
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    which seido didyou get? do you have any install pictures?
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    I got a hold of a tech support guy from thb-usa - very helpful fellow

    He confirmed that echo is an issue for the recieving caller - ok for the treo end

    I contacted him mainly to if I couldutlize both phone and MP3 playback through the car kit to vehicle speakers and he suggested he has going to send this onto product manager for HS/PO

    He had no idea why sprint was so slow in getting out the softwarefor noise cancelation surpression and requoted the april roll out date
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    I got a hold of a tech support guy from thb-usa - very helpful fellow

    He confirmed that echo is an issue for the recieving caller - ok for the treo end

    I contacted him mainly to see if I couldutlize both phone and MP3 playback through the car kit to vehicle speakers. He suggested he has going to send this onto product manager for HS/PO as I was about the 20th person to ask this question

    He had no idea why sprint was so slow in getting out the software for noise cancelation surpression and requoted the april roll out date. He suggested it had more to do with sprint wanting to do all updates in one go?????
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    I have send an EMAIL to both Sprint and Handspring complaining about the situation. Maybe If we all did the same, Sprint would get a clue.
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    Well at least the car kit will be the same. THB looks like they have some really great options for their kits.

    Now that I know that Sprint is holding up the show, I know who to start complaining to.
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    Where did you find the kit for $119?

    Did anybody elese tried this with the Sprint Treo 600?
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    A couple questions on car kit:

    I need a way to also cable in my GPS unit for use with Mapopolis. Can you still hook a data cable up to the Treo through the THB system?

    I need to get stereo audio out of the Treo to play back MP3s through my car stereo. Is this possible with the car kit?

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    The link for the car kit is <>

    The price has gone up to $159

    I sent an email to thb- requested that the kit allow both MP3 playback and voice. Once I get a response I will post

    I have managed to play back MP3 and voice using the phone output plugged into aux input of stereo

    I am guessing the 3.5mm output from phone switches depending upon whether it is MP3 or phone mode. I am struggling to work out how to get stereo input to aux input while similtaneously connect an external microphone. I am assuming that it wil have to be a push to make mic

    A further question for you guys what is the treo output to send a mute signal/switch to aux - would this be "acessed' through the usb connector?
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    I am also wondering about using a GPS receiver with this hands free cradle, as that would be a sweet setup to have. Does the phone cradle for the hands free kit have a serial cable input on it anywhere? I am not as concerned about the functionality of the in car kit as the convienience of having a cradle that holds the phone and is easier on the serial input than traditional "in car" cables.
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    How does the car kit work? Does it plug into the cigarette lighter? I can't find any description anywhere. My cigarette lighter is very low to the floor in my truck. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    The adapter does plug into the cigarette lighter but it does so via a cable - it's not an all in one device like Sprint sells that plugs right into the lighter and had a speaker sticking out. Since it plugs in via cable, I think you should be fine. You can find more info at the handspring site under accessories or download the THB catalog from their web site (see my post below).

    Below is a post I recently made to another TreoCentral thread regarding this. If you need more info, I would recommend e-mailing THB directly.

    Good luck

    P.S. Remember - as of right now, this device is only available for GSM users - a CMDA (Sprint) model will be available in April (supposedly).

    Two pieces of information to add to the discussion:

    1) Wilson Electronics: has adapters for almost every other Sprint phone and I'm guessing one of them works with the back plug adapter on the T600. I have just sent an e-mail to their support inquiring and will post what I hear back. They have all types of external antennas and amplifiers.

    2) THB: As many have noted, THB is the manufacturer of the Handspring car adapter kit. They have a whole range of proucts - the one Handspring is selling is on the low end of what they do. I asked THB if they would have products available soon and the response I received is below. I replied back requesting a more specific time frame. If you go to their web site, you need to download their PDF catalog - that's the only way you can figure out what they offer. (

    Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 08:50:19 -0700


    I'm in receipt of your info request for THB USA HandsFree products! THB
    USA is working on several new and exciting products for the new year!
    Yes, you are correct in saying we seem to be limited on products for
    CDMA compatible phones. However, THB has develop the system for the
    HandSpring Treo 600 but it's not compatible for the Sprint PCS Treo 600
    at this time!

    Should you be able to attend the '2004 Consumer Electronics Show, look
    for our booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center during Jan 8 to 11. We
    are in the North Hall - Booth #5230

    Check back after the first of the year as we will be releasing several
    new products!

    Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 09:45:07 -0600
    Subject: CMDA Compatibility??

    I would like to purchase a few of your products but it does not look like you offer products that are compatible with my phone - the Sprint PCS Handspring Treo 600.

    This phone has an external antenna jack, but from what I can tell, you do not really offer many CMDA products or products for my specific phones. Is this correct, or am I missing something?

    I am interested in either the CarTalk or TrendTalk and a Dual Band On Glass Antennas.

    If these are available for my phone, I would also be interested in a THB USA Custom Harness for each of my cars.

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    Spanner or anyone else -

    I ordered the car kit from around December 17 and I got a confirmation e-mail from them after I ordered it. I have not received it yet, and they will not respond to my e-mails or phone messages. Did you get good service from them? I am wondering if they are going out of business.

    Also, how do you like this kit. It says that it has an external antenna, but I cannot find any details about it. Does it mount on the outside of the car, and does it help reception at all?

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