I called in yesterday (just before 11:00 am), and ordered the T600 from the Sprint Business Center. I posted on that related thread.

After 30 hours, Sprint (lol - ironic) can't find my order. The business center folks say they have no access to that information and the regular CSR's say the order doesn't exist nor can they place the order themselves either.

There is no charge on my credit card and there is no email with confimation and no tracking information.

I just called and told them to cancel my order.

Now the good news..I just got off the phone with Handspring and I have one coming now from them at a better price. I already have received the confirmation email (within 2 mins of hanging up the phone).

Ordered the headset adapter..5.99 and express shipping. The order already shows up on the handspring web site.

What a difference a vendor makes...