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    Magically scored a T600 at the Sprint Store at Pentagon City, VA. They said it was their only one but other area stores (DC area) may have a few.

    That said, I had them activate it in the store and I rushed out when they said it was done. When I dial, all I get is "the phone number you dialed can not be called from your phone." I called the store back who, of course, said "just wait a few hours, it will work." I know that Vision sometimes takes a little while but I've never experienced a delay in voice activation. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
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    They activated mine at a sprint store, and it worked immediately. They placed test calls before I even left the store. Now I cant speak for their coverage though.
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    voice activation IS immediate if they programmed it properly.
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    It took 3 Sprint reps before I got someone who knew that they had to program the handset as well as run stuff in their computer. Make sure that they have put your phone # into the handsets ID "field"

    I wish I could remember the ## code which takes you there so you could check this out yourself.

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