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    While doing the activation dance with my customer rep, the Treo froze after entering the data on the activation screen.

    The rep had me enter my telephone number in both places, and then I hit OK. It said "Congratulations", and then PLEASE WAIT.

    It never left that screen. I've done a reset and it seems like the phone is activated on Sprint's end, but obviously the phoen doesn't know that.

    Does anyone have the codes they give you to get to the activation screen, and do you really put your number in both blanks?


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    This happened to me with my first Treo 300. I had to wait several hours and then call back to be led through a more tedious manual activation/provisioning process. Call *2 and explain what happened and what the current status of your phone is. If they don't get you to someone who can help, then keep trying until you find the knowledgeable CSR. I know she's there somewhere!
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    I had this problem - it just said "please wait" for 30 minutes, so I did a soft reset and it worked fine - in fact it provisioned the data as soon as I turned it on. I had voice and data working within 1 hour of calling Sprint.

    My recommendation would be to call them back, activate again, let it sit on "please wait" for as long as you can and then soft reset to see if it works.

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