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    i have my serial number for my treo 300 available for who ever gets it first

    PM me
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    So do i =)

    $50 for Treo

    PM me
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    Originally posted by mrgarza
    I think a lot of us owe handspring a thanks and apology. We were up in arms when we thought they were not looking out for the "loyals". I wonder who I should e mail to let them know I think they did a great thing.
    I never doubted it. That's what they always did with all their products. They had the promise out there in black and white until they replaced it with the real offer. I'm waiting with the same confidence for the T-Mobile GSM model offer.
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    Quick question to those who ordered from Handspring using this promo:

    What's the quickest shipment option available? If I was to order one tomorrow (Thursday), would I be able to get it delivered on Friday?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I just bought a teski case for my t300 so the $20 will help pay for the case.

    PM me for the serial!
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    Overnight FEDEX is available for I think $16 vs. the Fedex 2-3 day saver which was $9. However, they said it may take 1-2 days to process. I orderred it today (6pm Wed). and am hoping for it Friday, but best case scenario is Monday since they won't do Sat. Delivery.

    I am going on a trip to Florida on sunday night and hedged my safer bet, so I ordered it overnight to my hotel in Florida
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    I have a 180 and I do not plan to take advantage of the 600 upgrade plan. Send me a private message if anyone wants to use my serial # to get the upgrade/discount.

    I'm not greedy, but some sort of compensation would be nice. We'll work something out.
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    Paypal me 45.00 and get a serial number good for $200.

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    I got one as well

    PM me

    paypal welcome
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    i just gave in & ordered a t600 from handspring! i have absolutely no need to upgrade, as i've had no problems with my t300 & it still meets all my needs. now i can't wait to get my t600!!!

    i haven't gotten any work done or gotten enough sleep because all of you keep making me read all the messages on this site. i can't believe i've given in to your geek pressure. bullies - all of you!
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    .........Welcome to the club, brother. lol
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    Another valid Treo 300 serial here, PM if interested.
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    can someone please tell me where to enter the serial # on the Handspring site or do you have to call them and give it to them? i've tried to order the t600 but the final price always come out to $599. am i doing something wrong?
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    Dear "treo loyal customers",

    OK fine there is a rebate but only if you have a service provider registered with handspring. This is what I gather once I have entered my serial number on handspring website.

    I am using my TREO180 for nearly 2 years in east africa and indian ocean, and now I can't get rebate with handspring, since this rebate works only with US phone providers.

    When will we get a real rebate for all treo owners worldwide?

    Cheers. Benoit in Kenya.
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    Ordered my Treo 600 from Handspring...and purchased the form fitting case 474!!!! I get it on friday. For those of you that waited.....Handspring came through!!!!

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    I ordered mine Wed night hoping for a Friday delivery. I to went through Handspring website but then opted to call the 888 number. Dont really trust Web ordering especially when theres a phone number to order from and a human on the other end. Received my 2 conformation emails, now the hard part-waiting.

    Its amazing to see how many people are selling their SN.

    Treo 600
    Stereo adapter
    Form Fit Case
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    Please PM... I will Paypal.
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