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    Lets start a list.... here is what I have found so far that does not work.

    Launch'em - works but 5 way nav does not.
    Mapopolis - works but when viewing maps, the center is missing.
    Super Names - Does not work, thinks its 320x320 being os5.2

    more to come. please post your own finding. If you know fixes to any posted software, please let us know.
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    I think we should be careful here. After reading of the difficulties reported with software, I am going to change my installation strategy. I am going to uninstall from my Treo 270 any software that I suspect knows anything about Treo 270 hardware. This will specifically include anything that requires a reset after installation and before use. I will also uninstall any application that requires a registration after installation and before use.

    Only then will I swap the 270 for the 600. Then I will reinstall each of the other programs, one at a time. Only then will I decide whether or not the software is compatible with the 600 and Palm OS 5.

    We should be careful that we have followed a "fresh install" strategy before we decide whether or not a program is compatible. I am reluctant to put something on this list until I have done so.
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    I am trying to keep a software list going Here ...

    Link to Thread

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