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    Check out this device at:

    My prediction is coming to pass with this first of many alternatives yet to come that have full keyboards.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    pretty cool..... but when? that is the question.........
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    I think the article said in the Spring of next year.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    when this was mentioned yesterday I was intrigued but after seeing the demo, I don't think I'd be into a folding keyboard.
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    Originally posted by webslappy
    when this was mentioned yesterday I was intrigued but after seeing the demo, I don't think I'd be into a folding keyboard.
    I probably agree.

    This is an intriguingly different design idea though that I have not seen before. Who knows what variations of qwerty boards are going to appear? The Nokia 6800 has a different flip over full keyboard also that is quite unique.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    I havent tried this unit nor have I touched it, but from what I have seen in articles, reviews, photos, opinions, they all seem to think that it is not too impressive. Large, ackward design, flimsy keyboard, etc.

    Not my opinion, but from what I can tell, it doesnt compete.
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    From Brighthand

    RumorMill™: palmOne Preparing Treo 610
    By Ed Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
    Jan 20, 2004
    Though the Treo 600 only began to be available from wireless carriers a few months ago, the first rumors of a successor have started to circulate.

    According to, palmOne will announce in a few months the Treo 610, an updated version of this smart phone.

    Though the Treo 600 has met with generally positive reviews, there have been some complaints. If's information is correct, the new model will deal with these problems. Specifically, many were unhappy about the Treo 600's 160-by-160 pixel screen. Supposedly, the Treo 610 will have a 320-by-320 pixel one. This is supposed to be a reflective CSTN display, not a transflective one, which will make it easier to use in direct sunlight, but not as bright indoors.

    In addition, new model with have Bluetooth wireless networking, which the current one lacks. People have been asking for this feature mostly so they can use Bluetooth-enabled headsets. Reportedly, the Treo 610 will also have more than 16 MB of RAM, though doesn't say how much.

    It's possible to see the influence of palmOne in these changes. The Treo 600 was originally designed by Handspring, but this company and Palm Inc. merged to become palmOne late last year. Handspring never released a model with a hi-res screen or Bluetooth, while palmOne has several models with these features.

    Apoparently, these improvements will come without changing the rest of the Treo 600's design. The new model will still be a reletively small smart phone with a keyboard and a camera that runs the Palm OS.

    According to, the Treo 610 will debut March 1. It is not known if this is the day it will be announced or the day that wireless carriers will begin offering it. Carriers are very cautious about what devices they allow on their networks and put each new model through a battery of tests that take months. For example, the Treo 600 was unveiled in June of last year but it wasn't available from a carrier until October.

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