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    Palm's website
    mentions a new and improved Calendar application that has some key functions for me that I listed below. I am curious if anyone has looked at the Treo 600's new calendar to see if it is like this (and if not, can we get it from Palm)
    • events that span midnight in a clean fashion
    • the spanned event details are actually viewable on ALL days that the event spans into
    • spanned events actually sync up with the desktop via iCal 1.5.1 using iSync 1.2.1 (and hopefully vice-versa)
    • has a new "Agenda" view to see upcoming calendar events, tasks due and important email (requires Palm™ VersaMail 2.6) all on one screen

    Looks like this:
    and this:
    This new "Agenda" view is certainly pleasing, friendly and a whole lot more visually comprehensible.

    I mean jeez, look at this from DateBook5:
    I don't know what all that stuff is. It's scary to look at.

    Lastly, I don't currently have Bluetooth (and neither does the Treo 600), so I am wondering to what extent I can use the Irda port. And more specifically, what kind of range does the Treo 600's Irda have? Can anyone test their new Treo to see how far away they can successfully beam a contact, communicate with a notebook, or set it up as a remote control for use with a tv or stereo? Is the range greater than say 12 feet?

    Any response or chime in here would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    I recall seeing somewhere that the treo 600 will *not* have Palm's updated datebook. The treo *will* ship with datebook +, which is Handspring's verision of Datebook3, the precursor the the complex DBK4 you linked to.

    I personally like DB4 quite a bit, but I agree that it's overly complex. You don't need to use all the options, however (I sure don't!)

    What I'll use with the T600 will depend mainly on how the 5-way navigator interacts with db5.
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    Holy Crap!
    I forget to mention this new calendar app's most important new feature, that being CATEGORIES.

    Now you can view only events that have...
    ...let's say...
    ...anything to do with appointments regarding the purchase of a new house (meeting with banker on Mon for pre-approval, meeting with agent on Tues for an open house viewing, meeting with current landlord on Wed to terminate rental agreement).
    This is good because your TV category that tells you to watch the Simpsons on Mon and The Mullets on Tuesday won't interfere with your life-long goals and plans.

    This feature of the calendar could potentially work really nicely with Apple's iCal categories.

    Yeah, septimus, I fear that you're right.

    I think I first saw something about this in a Washington Post article talking about the included applications with the new Zire and Tungsten.

    I guess I'll fire off a request to PalmOne to get this improved calendar to the Treo. Or maybe if I wait long enough (8 months?), the company merger will dictate it be available for the Treo.

    Any body have any word on Irda range?
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    The CD included with the phone says on the label that it includes "productivity and entertainment software." If you mount the CD on a Mac, however, all you see is the Palm Desktop Installer. I booted up Virtual PC to take a look, and there are a bunch of programs included with the PC installer that aren't apparently included on the Mac partition on the CD. There is a "lite" version of Docs-to-Go, SplashID, Splash Money, and Splash Shopper, and a shoot-em-up game called "Zap".

    I had to copy them from the PC partition onto one of my Mac disks to install them.

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