I praised CDW in an earlier thread. They were nice, but didn't get the product so didn't get my business. I scrambled yesterday morning and ordered from sprint and received it today. I stressed over the tracking number but went to sleep anyway. When I woke, there it was, out for delivery. And well before 3pm.
It was well worth the wait, the stress, the sleepless nights. Thanks to all of you and your comments. You made the process much easier because I was well armed with information when dealing with Sprint. It's a shame we have to educated them but alas nothing more dangerous than a well informed consumer.
I called multiple times, hung up multiple times till I got someone who was willing to help.
The setup was also painless, thanks to these threads, because the first words out of my mouth, were "the setup should be just like the Treo 300". She did it, and it worked. PCS vision and all.
Now I need to stop pushing buttons and read the manual.
What to download, what do I need, what will be cool. Not enough hours in the day.