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    I bought a 512meg memory card (it is recognized by the treo) and I want to transfer some files to it... How do I do this??? Hotsync? I cant find the app....

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    How did you get a treo 700???
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    most SD/MMC capable devices with SD/MMC card inserted will be recongnized by windows as removable storage under my computer...
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    The way that you can do right now is, use the installer tool, and select the card as the destination for the files. The installer tool should be in your Start menu under Handspring if you use Windows or the equivalent location on a Mac.

    The better way is, buy a card reader for about $15-$30 (firewire or USB 2.0 if possible). That will let you do drag and drop, move stuff around between folders, easily delete files, etc. USB 2.0 and firewire are both 45 to 50 times faster than USB 1.1, which is what the sync cable uses. It'll speed up transfers of large amounts of stuff correspondingly, i.e. what takes 20 minutes with the sync cable will take less than a minute with a USB 2.0 or firewire card reader.
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    thanks for the reply... how can I "explore" whats on the card within the pda itself?

    I.e. I want to browse the files I have on the card with my treo 600
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    nevermind... its under SD card in on the main screen drop down menu
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    For now - FileZ.

    But a card reader will make your life a lot easier, believe me.
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    It would be nice if the card was accessable as a removable drive through the usb connection to the phone. This how it should be done.

    Any ideas on how to get it to work that way if possible?
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