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    I am having a reset problem using Corsoft's Aileron. Sprint says only Eudora is the only email program they know works on the 600! (hard to believe). Trying to figure out of the reset problemis just me or if it's the software. So, is anyone using email on the 600 yet? Thanks...
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    Originally posted by MobileGuy
    Sprint says only Eudora is the only email program they know works on the 600! (hard to believe).
    That's because they don't know any better!
    I have already read other threads where some of you are having constent resets on the device without actually performing a soft reset. Maybe related.
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    From what I've read snapper mail also works.
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    I have been using SnapperMail all day. Works fine. I haven't done anything fancy with it, just text e-mails. I'll try seeing how it handles attachments and report back if I notice anything unusual.
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    Visto (makers of TreoMail) say their new version that's for the 600 will be out on the 13th. As a current very happy TM user, I'm glad that they're updating for the 600. Also supposed to be adding some new functionality. The email software section iof Handspring's site shows a few clients that are compatible, one would presume, with the 600. SM is one of them...
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    thanks for the info. I also used tm with my 300 and liked it. hope their new version does attachments...
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    Here's the URL for the new version of visto/TreoMail, available on the 13th. Looks good:

    and some info relative to folks like me switching from TreoMail:

    Visto is the co-creator of Treo Mail along with Handspring. Recently Visto agreed to take over all responsibility for managing the Treo Mail service, including transitioning users to MessageXpress software, Visto’s updated version of Treo Mail. Your Treo Mail service will end service early 2004, so now’s a great time set up your new MessageXpress account now to assure continuous wireless email service. Visto will issue you credit for your unused Treo Mail service, so there’s no risk!

    Why Switch to MessageXpress?

    Express notification of email (optionally have new email added to your inbox without the need for a manual sync or waiting until the next scheduled sync).
    Convert documents to text (e.g. Word files) automatically so you can read attachments right on your Treo.
    Accept/reject meeting requests and have them appear on your Treo and desktop calendars
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    can't wait to try it!
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    snapper mail works GREAT.
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    BaseJet works too!

    Anyone know of a client that works with AOL?
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