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    How do!

    Ive order one of these phones on orange and with it i get 3 months free wap access, does this mean ill be able to use the HTML browser for free for 3 months, or to be able to surf using html do i have to connect to a different service?

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    Come on, someone must know, do my free wap minutes mean i can do html browsing for nowt?

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    My understanding (which could be completely wrong) is that WAP access comes in 2 forms - GPRS or non-GPRS. However, for the web browser, I believe you need GPRS. Therefore, if the wording is "free WAP access", this will probably only apply to WAP, and not web; if it says "free GPRS access", everything is included.

    I would suggest a quick e-mail/phone call to Orange to be sure.

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