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    I haven't received a phone call since Saturday, which is very odd for me, but I felt lucky that people were leaving me alone.

    Finally someone at work called me cussing me out for not returning his calls.

    None the less I look in my missed call log, and nothing since Saturday. I then check my voicemail and my phone goes crazy.

    The 'In Progress' screen doesn't turn on, the speaker phone turns on, and I cannot shut the damn thing off. I can't hang up or anything, when I shut the lid it still plays the msg's. This is msg's of people cussing me out right out loud at work. Anyways, I reset the thing on the back and I still can't receive an incoming call.

    Interestingly I haven't made an outgoing call since Saturday but I've used the hell out of Vision and Wireless Modem, so go figure? Anyways, Sprint said to go to the store and they have my account written up to get a t300 replace under warranty.

    So I plan on going there later today, is there any way I can talk them into upgrading me to a 600 (obviously I'd pay the difference, I'd even take a refurb'd 600 (if they exist yet)).

    Does anyone have any advice, or is Sprint going to stiff arm me with a new 300 (which isn't too bad, since this refurb'd 300 has always had problems, the screen is dim, and the battery lasts 30 minutes).

    Any advice?
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    I'm dealing with the same thing right now. Except I'm on my 8th Tre0 300. that's right 8th!!!!!!!!! All replaced under warranty. I called awhile back & had a Sprint CSR ok that I could "upgrade" to a Treo 600 when they come out if I pay the difference from what I originally paid for the 300 NOT what they cost NOW ($500 as opposed t0 $300). Now that the Treo 600 is arriving I've been battling Sprint to honor this. They want me to pay $200 difference instead of $100 (I'm broke not cheap. But I also talked to a CSR guy who said that when you warranty a phone the policy is to exchange to next highest model or comparable one (he said he himself trade a $200 phone for a $300 one). So armed with that & the fact that come Oct. 16th all existing customers will be getting same deals as new customers (sign one year contract= $75 off, two year contract+$100 off) I will walk into the store as soon as they come in and see what I can haggle. I would suggest you speak to customer service and have them notate your account first. Keep calling until someone will help you. One guy may laugh at your request another may offer $100 credit!! Speak to a "team lead" or "retention". They have higher authority to offer discounts, etc. Good luck!

    P.S. It helps if you'vr gone through many Treos like me...
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    They hooked it up to their diagnostics thing and it failed. Anyways she said she had to mail me a new treo, I told her that was unacceptable. She then gave me a new one out of a new box (good move #1).

    I then asked her can I just get an upgrade to another PDA like phone? She said, we can only do the upgrade if you've returned your third phone. She then told me, so you have to break this one and come back to get into an upgrade scenario.

    Just an FYI for you guys. I actually think mine is broken, as it won't keep a charge at all, so much for these cheap built Treo's. Where is everyone's 600 built at.

    I bought my Treo at SPCS for $499 a while ago, I wonder if they'll give me that credit towards the Treo600, or whether they'll give the current $399 (which is what it's at the store now for), or if they'll give the $299 price (which you get if you do a 2 yr agreement).

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