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    Does the T600 charge on the portable keyboard? It doesn't sync on the keyboard does it? MobilePlanet has no descriptions on their site for either the keyboard or cradle - are they described/reviewed anywhere?

    If not, I need the docking station for charging/syncing (dual function) AND the keyboard for data input???

    I've got my custom case coming from Nutshell, and a new 258SD, can't find a T600 screen protector yet....

    Let me know which/both I need!
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    When I called Superior Communications who is the subcontractor that makes the Treo 600 accessories for Handspring and its wireless carriers they did say the keyboard has a built in charger and that if folds up very small. I didn't think to ask them about syncing capabilities. As to screen protectors read Jake's review. You really don't need them.


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