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    Any PDA type guys out there feel the new Treo 600 abandened us for good ??? I am very diapointed with Handspring's decision to go with candy bar style and reduce the screen size, they are forcing all of us to transit from a PDA type user into a Phone user.

    So, after amost two years of real fan of Treo, I went to Palm Tungsten T3 to contunue fulfill my PDA need.
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    I have basically decided to do something similar. I do a fair amount of document and spreadsheet work on my PDA and can't handle getting a smaller, low-res screen at this point.

    I am thinking I will get the T3 soon and keep it in my briefcase for when I need the bigger screen, etc. I can then beam documents I get through e-mail from my Treo 300 to work on.

    If the T608 comes out, I'll see about getting it and using the BT capability to connect the T3, dumping the Treo 300.

    I may also end up getting a Treo 600 to be my main phone/PDA, using it to beam (transfer with BT?) documents to the T3 for more intensive work. I should also be able to use a BT SD card in the 600 to act as a modem for the T3.

    I know, I know, I'm deconverging to TWO PDAs, one of which is a phone. It sounds crazy, but is probably what I'll do.


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