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    I'm looking for a contacts app for the Treo 600 that will store a business and home address as well as allow me to dial from the program.

    Basically something to replace the contacts app that comes with the TREO 600..


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    You may wish to check out this:

    Chapura is the company which makes the conduits for Outlook, etc. which are bundled with almost every Palm device. I am not sure about the dialing feature, however.

    You might also wish to try TealPhone:

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    Here's a workaround that may meet your needs. If it doesn't, please tell me why because I see your question posed a lot and would like to know in which cases this workaround wouldn't be acceptable.

    Basically, all you have to do is rename one of your custom fields to "Work Addr." Voila! With the Palm OS, all fields allow for line breaks, so you can enter the street name, enter a carriage return, and then enter the city, state, and zip on the second line. The only downside, IMO, is that it won't be stored in the dedicated work address field in Microsoft Outlook.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Scott, thanks for the suggestion.. I think that would work.. I'll have to try it to know better but it sounds doable. I'm not so worried about it showing up in the correct address fields as I am just being able to view it.

    Could you explain a little more what you mean about the carriage returns and such?


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    Josh, carriage return = line break = enter. When you're editing a field, you can press the carriage return key on your Treo (the button below the backspace key). The field will now have two lines. The Pocket PC won't allow you to do this, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Prior$ $to$ $my$ $Treo$, $I$ $used$ $to$ $put$ $multiple$ $phone$ $numbers$ $in$ $one$ $field$ $by$ $putting$ $each$ $on$ $a$ $separate$ $line$ ($but$ $within$ $the$ $same$ $field$). $Of$ $course$, $this$ $doesn$'$t$ $work$ $well$ $with$ $the$ $Treo$ $because$ $it$ $won$'$t$ $dial$ $a$ $number$ $correctly$. $You$ $also$ $wouldn$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $store$ $multiple$ $email$ $addresses$ $as$ $the$ $email$ $apps$ $won$'$t$ $know$ $how$ $to$ $deal$ $with$ $multiple$ $email$ $addresses$ $in$ $one$ $field$.

    But for something like a physical address, it should be fine. When you view the contact on the summary screen (when you tap on someone's name in your address book), you'll see all of the fields that you filled out for that person. The work address will look just as expected.

    Hopefully I didn't confuse things more.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Scott, thanks for the explanation.. I'll try it and report back.


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