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    Query: While I realize that the charging stand will change because of the different shape (a/k/a form factor) of the Treo 600 and the Treo 300, I am curious if the the other cables will change. Any idea?
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    Your 180/270/300 USB/Serial cables will work with a 600
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    Originally posted by nzmoko
    Your 180/270/300 USB/Serial cables will work with a 600
    The power cables (A/C and car charger) all work as well.
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    I know the cables will FIT the 600, but will the charging feature of these dual-function cables work as well? I'm specifically looking at the ones selling on eBay for <$10? Thanks!
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    Any cable that works on a previous Treo will work on the Treo 600. Cradles would work, too, except that they don't fit due to form factor changes. As for the specific cables, I have no idea how well they work with ANY model. For that price, you wonder about quality. But most likely, they would work fine.

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