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    Has anyone been able to order a Treo 600 through the retention dept. and get a decent retention plan? My contract is up in a month and I want to get a decent new deal on my contract (ie. free unlimited vision, unlimited PCS-to-PCS, or Night and weekends starting at 8pm). I called today and they said they couldn't get the phone yet, because it wasn't in their system. I want to extend my contract, because I'm buying a $600 phone that is locked with Sprint, so I don't have much choice. But I don't want to use the crappy advertised plans with $15 vision and less minutes than I have now for the same price...

    Any Ideas?
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    I tried to call the retention department and they wouldn't transfer me!!!! They are on to us!
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    Try dialing them direct instead of using *2...... 866.762.0468 or 866.828.9978

    Good Luck!
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    Called both numbers. The second one came up as all circuits busy, and the first was a sales person that offered me $75 towards the full retail purchase. Uggghhhhhhhhh!
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    For some reason, I won't get transferred to retention either. There is a note on my account that said so. I think it has todo with how many times in the past I was transferred to retention in hopes of them getting me a better "deal" on something. They may have seen it as "retention" abuse. But FYI, just keep calling back & someone will connect you there. One guy plain out lied & said that retention no longer exists!! NEVER beleive what one rep tells you. It ALWAY pays to keep calling until you get a CSR who help you with ANY problem you may have. GUARANTEED!! A retention guy told me this himself...

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