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    Just got off the phone with Orange Senior Supervisor who said :

    1) The phone is still 'in testing'
    2) They had no idea when it was going to be released

    A local Orange shop that I know pretty well said that an Orange rep told them that the phone's release may be postponed till just before Xmas because management thought that it had such a high 'wow factor' ie. they can hike the price up for the xmas rush and get away with it.

    I just want to know why Orange suck so much, the as*holes.
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    they would also want people to see it in the shops before x-mas so that they had even more customers for it by then? i dont think it would make sense that they would hold it off for so long.

    15th oct is the word at the moment,
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    The original press release from Orange stated a September release so I imagine they are going to get the product to market as quickly as possible now they have missed that month, a delay to xmas would not do much for their credibility in bringing solutions to market and wouldnt impress investors?

    Also, the technology market is very time sensitive given constant release of new technology that a delay in bringing the Treo 600 to market would mean a signficiant loss in the customer base, probably not offset by a bit of extra revenue from higher priced xmas handsets?

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