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    Hey everyone,

    It's great news that people are starting to get their Treo 600's!

    I have a couple of quick questions though.

    What is the actual, in your hand, color of the T600 on Sprint? Is it black or more of a "dark grey" approaching a black color?

    Conference calling:
    On the T600 can you conference more than 3 people at once? The T-Mobile documentation says that up to 6 people can be conferenced? I would just like to get a confirmation from actual users experience.

    Sprint users:
    Does anyone know why Sprint regulary down't help out old-time users to get new technology at better-than-average rates? I have been a SprintPCS user for 5+ years and I upgrade to new phones each year. Does anyone have a "strategy" where a loyal sprint user can get a good deal on a T600? Lower than $550?

    Dave Lindberg
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    According to the in store rep in my area. If I wait until the Treo 600 is in store, I can get $56 off through the handset upgrade program. This doesn't require a new contract or anything, you just must have had your handset for 9 months. The discount is based on the plan you're on and which phone you have, I think. Also, he told me he was authorized to offer me a retention deal where I'd get $100 credit on my account, if I extended my contract one year.

    He also told me to call back on thursday to see if they had them in stock, but I think I'm going to try to call the rentention dept and see what they can offer me.
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    The color is very dark gray with some silver trim. Dunno about conference calling or rebates for long-time Sprint customers. There was a rumor that in the next 6 weeks or so, Sprint would start offering the same deals to people who have been with them for 18 months or more as they do to new customers, but I have no idea whether that's true. See other threads for more detailed info about the phone's appearance, fit and finish, etc. - good view of the phone's color and trim (this is my phone while charging yesterday afternoon) - next to the Treo 300, to give an idea of size as well as color

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