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    Got it. Thanks! I was hoping that's what the answer would be!
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    Wireless modem worked great with my Treo 300, but when trying to connect with my 600, I just get an error message.

    Internet Connect
    The selected communication device does not exist. Please verify your settings and try again.

    I've verified my settings, reinstalled the software, tried dozens of times - no dice.

    Mac OS X
    Treo 600
    Ken Reed
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgruby
    You enter #777 as the phone number. Sprint/Vision is your ISP. If you dial #777, it is charged as a normal Vision call (free for most). However, the terms and conditions may say otherwise. You should check out the information on HowardForums or other sites on using your phone as a modem. The only difference with WirelessModem is that you have to install software on the Treo.
    I upgraded to Treo 600 BUT lost my charger/sync USB cable.
    Now, I'm on an ibook with OS9 and trying to connect through the USB cable that came with the Treo 600 using wirelessModem software that I used with the Treo 300...but it's not working. There could be a few different reasons, but before I try to buy another charger/sync USB cable, I wanted to get a sense of whether or not it's going to work.

    Any thoughts? Advice? Sgruby?
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    I've tried to get this to work with MAC OSX and AT&T and it does not work at all, no dice. There is currently no way you can use a non-Sprint Treo 600 to act as a wireless modem for Mac OSX.
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    I can't get it to work with MAC OSX and T-Mo either - help?
  6. #26 a puter connected to the Treo any faster then using the browser on the Treo??
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