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    Just a few questions, if anyone knows please answer, thanks

    I have the sidekick had for 3 weeks, anyone know any details on the upgrade? How much it would cost etc etc.

    Can I use midis as ringtones free or do I have to buy that $3.99 thing

    Is there a telnet program for the treo600?

    How many mp3s can I put on it and can I use a mp3 as ringtone.

    is it triband or whatever band I need to use in usa and japan?

    How much is it by itself?

    does it multitask like the sk? I.e. Get messages on aim, while loading a webpage in background.

    Also does it continually check for email and notify you when you get one?

    Always online like the sidekick?

    I've never used a treo before, so is it easy to use?

    Thanks!!! =)
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    How about answering here in the forums where people actually ask the questions. I don't want to type all those questions again, so just email me the answers,

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