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    I understood that Graffiti 2 was part of the Palm OS, but I can't seem to find it on my Treo 600. I loved using RecoEcho on my 300 and really don't want to give up using handwriting recognition in conjunction with the keyboard. Am I missing something here?

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    I have the same question. I hope there is some type of graffiti/jot handwriting recogntion software that works on the t600. I thought graffiti 2 was included.

    I know the keyboard will by used most of the time but there are times when it will be nice to use graffiti.

    Any of the T600 experts know the story here?
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    I emailed the company today, and here's the reply:

    "Subject: RE: RecoEcho Plus

    No, RecoEcho Plus will not support the Treo 600. I suggest that you check
    out our Jot product instead.

    RecoEcho Plus will not be supported for Palm OS 5.0 devices. It is a
    discontinued product.

    Hanh Le
    Technical Support
    Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC)"

    I think Jot is about $30
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