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    For those of you who responded to me, the emails have been sent out!

    Conrad Chan is your contact for this pre-order offer...

    I told you I'd deliver!

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    Feel free to post comments here...

    He has reserved the stock already!
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    Just got the email. Suh-weet!

    Thanks again for coordinating this.
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    Thanks, WeeBit! My e-mail from Conrad came through, though I think I will wait until the morning to review the agreement.

    Again, your contributions to this board are very much appreciated. I hope to one day to pay it forward.

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    I know that he says within 5 days... but I have been assured that he can send them out day 1. Email him... he will get back to you promptly.

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    Kinda bummed about the release date ... I keep being told the 13th by my local store.
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    Not to repeat too much, who is this person who will be receiving the money?? Can I order through him and send the money through T-Mobile's website?
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    Originally posted by Music
    Not to repeat too much, who is this person who will be receiving the money?? Can I order through him and send the money through T-Mobile's website?
    He is The National Account Manager for the Treo 600, working out of the main office in Parsippany.

    He is only processing the billing so that it can come through the system (just look at the chaos in the first few days at sprint) He get access to the units before they even hit they T-Mobile sales and retail channels, (I.E. YOU!!! get access before them as well)

    All bills will be from T-Mobile, there will be no $$ transferrred to any individual ppl.

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    Response I got from WBO's hookup "Conrad":

    "I can understand your concern, but if it makes you feel better, T-Mobile
    secures your current data so well, I must ask you most of this information
    again to prove I actually got concent from you to authorize the purchase.
    Please fill out only what you are comfortable with and if you decide you
    want it, then fill it out completely. Do not send the credit card info until
    you commit to the purchase."
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    Thanks ever so much WeeBit for kindly sharing this deal with
    (I'm guessing over a hundred) TreoCentral members. It's late
    and tomorrow I'll read the service agreeement -- with coffee!

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    I must say I'm a bit nervous sending all this personal info via unsafe email or a random fax number. In the wrong hands, all this info, SSN, Name, Address, Birthdate, Credit Card details would be pretty bad news.

    Why do we have to provide all this if we are existing T-Mobile customers? Surely providing cellphone number and credit card details should be good enough. In fact T-Mobile already has my credit card details since they bill to my credit card each month.

    Can we do this transaction in any more secure way?
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    After years of following discussions and this site (after ordering my Treo 180 the first day it was available) WeeBit's offer made me register on the site for the first time.

    Thanks WeeBit. I've replied to Conrad and now have to wait while I watch all those Spring customers enjoying their Treo's long before I get mine.

    The only questions I had (for which I haven't had a response quite yet) were:
    1. Will we be able to unlock these phones at some point (the agreement specifically states that the phones will only work with T-Mobile)?
    2. Is there a time commitment to the data plan for this purchase (I will probably get hooked on it, but an extra $20 per month isn't that cheap to me right now)?

    - John
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    Many thanks to you (Mike & Conrad). This is going so smoothly I almost can't believe it.. especially with all of the horror stories about Sprint charging people up to $650.

    I have a quickie question about t-mobile. With t-mobile I can add unlimited data for $19.99/mo to a voice plan? And that may not include unlimited SMS, but worst case that's $10/mo extra to get that right?
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    I got a phone call last week (or the onebefore??) from Conrad but not an e-mail tonight?

    And I am buying the $20 data plan, but with a family plan. He said it wouldn't be a problem, so I'll hope there is an email for me in the morning!
    I want a Treo 600!!!
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    Potatoho, we worked really hard to make this SEAMLESS, glad to see its working so well.

    1) You can get in unlocked... talk to conrad

    2) You can do the transaction in a more secure way .... talk to conrad with any concerns you might have

    3) Data doesn't include SMS, but, for $10/month you get unlimited SMS and T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes.

    4) Time Commitments.... Talk to conrad
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    Thankgoodness I saw this post. STUPID hotmail put his e-mail in the Junk mail folder!
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    "Expected launch date is October 20th. This date may change."

    I know I can't be the only one who, while thankful to WBO for the pre-order, is extremely impatient and more than a little disappointed at hearing of a launch date a week after what we were all hoping for (10/13).

    Truly ... let us hope that the 10/20 launch date changes. Or keep the hopes alive that that's what Mr. Chan is telling purposefully overestimating the launch date to make sure we get a delightful surprise to end our never-ending early adoption anxiety! =)
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    i want an email. how do i get in contact with conrad chan?

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    WBO, your efforts are most appreciated! You've done a lot to help many people out!!

    Unfortunately, because I already have the unlimited data plan, it seems that can not get this deal The offer states that a new activation is needed (a phone number or a data plan) to get it.

    I am willing to extend my contract with T-Mobile, but I don't want to activate another number. Do you know of a way to make it work for me?
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    Me too.
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