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    As much as I'd like to tell Sprint to get stuffed (the three day delays in voicemails sends me around the bend sometimes), I am a cheap ******* at heart and love the fact that I can get 2 Treo 300s sharing 2000 minutes with unlimited data for each for the grand total of $100 a month. So leaving Sprint isn't really an option right now, as no other carrier seems to even begin to get close to that deal.

    All that said, I am looking for the best deal I can get on a 600 (without waiting for it to show up in next year's overstock bins, of course). As best I can tell, the smart thing to do is to wait until Handspring starts selling it on their site (presumably at $599), taking the $100 discount for existing Treo owners, and then calling up (repeatedly, most likely) Sprint reps to see what they can offer me in the way of retention incentives or other similar credits.

    Is this what you other existing Sprint customers are doing? (Well, you know, besides the ones who just have to have it today.) If not, what's your strategy?
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    It's what I'm hoping to do so far...
    It's rumored that HS should be selling next week (we'll see).

    I have one concern: after buying from HS, will Sprint try as hard to "retain" me; will they try harder if I "add a line." ?
    (OK, 1.5 questions).

    ...and one point of speculation: since number portability goes into effect late November, and a lot of the retention incentives seem to not-so-coincidentally expire at about the same time, what kind of incentives should we expect for those of us willing to wait to renew until then?
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    In the past, I convinced various customer care reps to give me $100 credit on next months bill to upgrade to a new phone.

    My Bro left Sprint for Verizon and I was offered that option. (all our phones are tied to my corporate acct.) My wife wanted a new phone, so I called customer care, talked two different retention folks until I got one that would give my wife the $100 credit. So now she has a nice Sanyo 8100 (pearl) phone. I asked the retention lady to put a note in the files to give me a $100 credit as well when I want to upgrade my phone in about 2 months. She said that she will put it in the notations.

    Oh, they made my wife sign up to a new plan for 2 years and we put all the other 3 phones under the add-a-phone plans. However, the CSR said that MY phone # is not obligated for the 2 years, so next time I call, I can get my $100 if I sign up for 2 years again. That's how I've been able to get the $100 off.

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    Best strategy: Have your wife/mom/dad/sister/brother/friend sign up as a new customer, basically borrowing their name to get in on the deal. That's the reason why I had contracts w/ all but cingular and nextel (almost did nextel, but my friend back out on last min cuz they couldn't get him the i95cl.)

    I will wait til they have it in the stores b4 I do that. I also thought about the LNP retention incentives, but it might not pan out as I wonder how efficient (or inefficient) the providers are in letting us carry our #s to other carriers. If they are not able to, its a guaranteed class action lawsuit, but how much free minutes or $$$ off can we get from that? Worse is, how long do we have to wait for the suit to settle? The hi-res Treo 600 might be released at that point in time.

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